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Nurtured & Nourished mothers are the foundation to a healthy planet

It starts with postpartum care

Postpartum is a wonderful time for you to reconnect with your inner knowing, to prioritise your care as you nurture and care for your precious new babe. And to be reconnected with a loving community so you never have to do it all, alone.

You have everything you need to be the best mother for your baby. It's already within you

One of the best ways to connect with the wisdom that you already have is to be surrounded by supportive people so you can  “just be” in all the joy and chaos that a new baby brings.

People who give you judgement free space and time to hold you in the full spectrum of emotions and experiences that the newness of mothering brings. 

The truth is, you need a lot more support than you think. Without the right kind of support and care mothers are susceptible to guilt, shame, loneliness and isolation. 

I know you want to enter motherhood feeling held, loved, cared for and safe. 

Wouldn't it be nice to be taken care of  while you get to know your newborn, as your body heals and your brain shifts into mothering asking you to slow down, and just love your baby? 

How special would it feel to have someone to help you take care of all the other “stuff” as you navigate breastfeeding and sleep?

I honour and acknowledge the desire to do it all differently and help create experiences of community and connection.

I am called loudly to stand with women and nurture them. Women who want to be celebrated, nourished and nurtured in post partum and the passage into and through motherhood.

Being a mother is an ever evolving, messy, chaotic and beautiful ride 

Having a doula by your side helps to make sense of the changes that you will experience and pave a way into mothering with reverence and grace towards yourself.    

With me at your side, you will feel held, guided and supported into and through motherhood with a deep reverence for all that you are and all you are becoming.

 I remind you that caring for yourself, is allowing others to take care of you.

 For generations, becoming a mother asked us to forget ourselves and meet only the needs of others. We deserve more, and we need others to hold and support us.  

Investing in your postpartum is healing. It heals the generations forward and backward and helps to build strong foundations of a mothering  with others. Never at the expense of your joy and vitality. 

So, how can we work together? 

I offer in person and online personalised doula support, postpartum preparation sessions, babywearing consultations, mother blessings and group workshops to help you start thinking about what postpartum means for you.

Your community starts here. Let's talk about how you want to mother in a space of self reverence.

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