You’re here. I’m so glad. I created this space for you.


The path through Post partum and motherhood reveals many things about ourselves, the most pivotal is that we're not meant to do this alone. If you believe this and want more connection to yourself and community you’re in the right place.

Mothering is an ever evolving, messy, chaotic and beautiful ride. We swiftly learn it is a path to cracking open and transformational shifts. The waning vision of who we once were and the blurry unfamiliar reality of who we are becoming.

Too often we do it alone, disconnected from the reality that we should mother from a place more connected to our intuition and encouraged to lean into the ways of knowing we have been separated from for so long, until now.

Post Partum (or the post natal period) is a time for us to reconnect with those ways of knowing while surrounded by nurturers and allowing ourselves to "just be '' in all the joy and chaos. To be given space where the full spectrum of emotions and experiences is simply seen and held without judgement. Without such a space we are susceptible to guilt, shame, loneliness and isolation.

Learning about traditional post partum practices around the world shows us how caring for new mothers through food, touch, warmth and community is rarely asked for and accepted as the natural way of things. The most prominent and consistent presence across all cultures still using these practices is other women. Wise women showering a new mother with an abundance of love, nourishment and the deep veneration for rest, healing and bonding in the sacred early days, is not a favour, it is a sacred rite of passage. This is where a doula is invaluable. 

With me by your side in post partum I will shower you with nourishing and nurturing support to show you that you are worthy of all the things that make you feel rested and nurtured. Not only for that moment but to remember and take with you throughout motherhood.

You will learn tools to help you overcome asking for help.

You will find courage in setting boundaries and find pathways to finding a community that supports your mothering.

This is a time for you to be the focus of care so that your experience is full of the  community care you deserve. So that all your mothering years are a reminder of how valuable and magic you are.

I am called loudly to stand with women. Women who want to be celebrated, nourished and nurtured in the passage into and through motherhood. I honour and acknowledge the desire to mother differently and help create experiences of support & community. I hold you and remind you that caring for yourself, is allowing others to take care of you.

It is truly an honour to be here. Walking beside you as you travel through the many transitions in motherhood, helping you reveal the value of loving and knowing yourself, the way we are designed and deserve .

There is no time as mothers that we do not need to be cared for.  We need to have space to bring our whole selves to the table. Where we invite and reclaim our personal power and talk about what’s going wrong and honour when we feel like shit then up level on self-care. Where we do the things to make us feel alive. We seek joy and acknowledge the ambivalence that is present at times and we allow people to hear us in all of it.

But we can’t do that alone, healing is done in community. You've already made the first step. I cant wait to see you thrive.

Sara Dyer

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