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The path through motherhood reveals many things about ourselves, the most pivotal is that we're not meant to do this alone. If you believe this and want more connection to yourself you’re in the right place.

Too often we mother alone, disconnected from the reality that we should be doing it from a place more connected to our intuition and encouraged to lean into the ways of knowing we have been separated from for so long

Post Partum is a time for us to reconnect with our innate ways of knowing while surrounded by nurturing support and allowing ourselves to "just be'' in all the joy and chaos. 

To be given space where the full spectrum of emotions and experiences are simply held without judgement. Without such a space we are susceptible to guilt, shame, loneliness and isolation. 

The truth is, we need a lot more support than we think. This is where a doula is invaluable. 

I am called loudly to stand with women.  Women who want to be celebrated, nourished and nurtured in the passage into and through motherhood. I honour and acknowledge the desire to do motherhood differently and help create experiences of support & community.

Motherhood is an ever evolving, messy, chaotic and beautiful ride. We swiftly learn it is a path to cracking open and transformational shifts. Having a doula by your side helps to make sense of the changes that you will experience and pave a way into mothering with reverence and grace towards yourself.    

With me at your side, you will feel held, guided and supported into and through motherhood with a deep reverence for all that you are and all you are becoming. I remind you that caring for yourself, is allowing others to take care of you.

So, how can we work together? 

I offer in person and online personalised doula support and group workshops to help you start thinking about what post partum means for you, your children and future generations. By discovering how you envisage your post partum to look, taste and feel we co create a plan to build your network of support for a deeply nurtured and nourishing time. This could be with food, body work, household support, resource building, deep listening, space holding and more. 

My hope is that you will see that you are worthy of all the things that make you feel good and nurtured. So that all your mothering years are a reminder of how valuable and magic you are.

This is a time for you to be the focus of care so that you have the space and time to sweetly and tenderly bond with your babe as new family.

A doula alone is not a village but an insight and guide to the kind of care and support we deserve as we traverse the realms of matrescence into mothering long term.  

This is a time for you to be the focus of care so that your experience is full of the special support and unconditional love you deserve. Helping you reveal the value of loving and knowing yourself is my work. 

Investing in your post partum is healing  the current climate of motherhood that asks us to forget ourselves and meet only the needs of others. We can't do it alone, healing is done in community.

Your community starts here. Let's talk about how you want to mother in a space of self reverence.

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