You’re here. I’m so glad. I created this place for us. A space for the wonder of magical women to come into my life and look what happened, this is kismet.


The path through motherhood has shown me many things, the most pivotal is that I’m not meant to do this alone. I know so many of you feel the same.
If you believe this and want more connection to yourself you’re in the right place.

Motherhood is an ever evolving, messy, chaotic and beautiful ride. We often swiftly learn it is a path to cracking open and transformational shifts. Here’s the thing though, there is more to being alive than only being mama with the highest devotion to our children. We need to care for and about our own wellbeing.
We need to be revered as women, as mothers and we need to share it with others to lighten the load.

I isolated myself from the world in fear of judgment and failure from not being able to “do it all” as a mother. I hadn’t met the heights of parenting I kept hearing about. At no point did I have it together and at times I didn’t even like being a mother. I gave all of myself to motherhood and got lost. 

All this did was deprive me of being seen real, raw and in the full mosaic of motherhood. It was only when I hit the bottom of the barrel, I realised that something had to change. It was painful and hard but the rebirth was beautiful. Never again will I allow myself to take on the lions share without remembering to take care of my own needs and set loving boundaries. 

You don’t have to give yourself to a version of motherhood that leaves you exhausted and uninspired. 

I'm here to guide you, as a steward, to care for and support all of the ways you are transforming. To hold you and remind you that caring for yourself is allowing others to take care of you.

I am called loudly to stand with women like myself. Women who want to be celebrated, nourished and nurtured in the passage into and through motherhood. I honour and acknowledge the overwhelm and help create experiences of support & community. 

Whether you are a mother for a day or a decade, walking beside you as you traverse through the many transitions into and through motherhood, helping you reveal the value of loving and knowing yourself is my work.

There is no time in motherhood we do not need tender loving care. There is however, space in motherhood to bring our whole selves to the table. Where we invite and reclaim our personal power and talk about what’s going wrong and honour when we feel like shit then up level on self-care. Where we do the things to make us feel alive. We seek joy and acknowledge the ambivalence that appears and we seek people to hear us in all of it. 

But we can’t do that alone, healing is done is in community.

Your community starts here. Lets talk about how you want to mother in a space of self reverence.

Sara Dyer

We were meant to find each other. Whether for a moment or a lifetime.

I believe that when we are looking for a connection and our intentions and actions are in alignment with our values fortuitous things will happen.

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