Sara Dyer
Sara Kathryn Post partum doula

My Mission

There are so many opportunities in motherhood for us to reconnect to the ancient wisdom of our ancestors that we carry in our bones. Shared and passed down from generations before.

My mission is to bring that wisdom in to this modern world for ourselves and the generations that lie ahead.

About me

I am a postpartum doula based in the beautiful Macedon Ranges, Wurundjeri country, Victoria, Australia.  I service Melbourne and the Central Victoria area. I am a single mama to 3 amazing children. One of who is now an adult (how did that happen!?) 

I think of myself as a guide, here to help women navigate the ever changing terrain of Motherhood through the lens of deep reverence. I am cultivating a community which connects me with the essence of the mother and the divine feminine. I am a musical, whimsical, magical woman.

My postpartum story was difficult.  Emotionally, and physically painful. It took me years to see that I needed help and should never have tried to do it all alone. Not long after my 3rd baby was born, postpartum depression, anxiety and rage set in. It overtook years of my life and I did not know how to ask for help or set boundaries around and fell into a place of deep shame, guilt and disconnect from my own physical and emotional needs.

Because motherhood was not the continuous joyful and fulfilling experience I had been sold,  I felt I had failed as a mother and woman.  In the deep wells of postpartum depression my relationship ended. This propelled me into a period of immense personal growth.  It was a dark and murky and there were many times I didn't know if I would be here to tell this story. 

Through this growth, I found community and realised that this work is my life's purpose. So, I trained as a birth and post partum doula, a childbirth educator and a baby wearing consultant.  To be for mothers what I needed for myself.  

It is my belief that humans just aren’t designed to fit into the culture of parenting that has evolved.  We aren’t meant to mother alone and I continue to learn through being with women, that mothering is a dance of light and dark. On any given moment, on any given day it is everything all at once.

I’ve spent years leaning into my edges and Its an intense, often uncomfortable road. Being witnessed by others in the full mosaic of motherhood helped me find community and a deep reverence for all that I am.

Daily, I seek and hold dear my own needs, boundaries, wellbeing, and orient towards joy. This pours into my life with my children and the ways I parent with intention and purpose.

I do this with ritual, movement, food, music and connection. Its far from perfect and its not always pretty. 

My healing and growth will never end. I dwell in a place of continual evolution. The unwoven and frayed edges of my life are the ones that give me the most opportunity to expand and weave my own magic.

I love connecting with other women prepared to meet their shadows and dance with the otherness. I want to continue the work that women have been doing since we came into being. To, witness, hold, love and be an anchor when the waves get rough. But I can’t and I won’t, do it alone.

Are you with me?

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