Post Partum Planning

$80  - 1.5 hours

1:1 Skype/Zoom call.

Postpartum is forever. Therefore, planning your Post partum is not only about the first 6 weeks after your baby is born. It's about setting the foundations for the long term.

Unfortunately we usually miss the planning part and end up asking mothers to set up systems of support when they are the most tired and vulnerable.

These planning sessions are a deep dive into the conversations you need to have, the kinds of support that tend to your transition into motherhood with deep reverence to the physical and spiritual shifts happening in your body and world.

We'll explore the themes of motherhood you most want to focus on and I'll I’ll ask you questions to get to the heart of the things that you think you’ll need. We talk brain upgrades, body changes. Emotional unraveling and nourishment. Then we’ll cover a things that can be started before your baby arrives. 

Some of these things might include

    • • Breastfeeding support
    • • Post Partum nutrition healing support
    • • Discussions about aligned parenting and values
    • • Visitors and boundaries
    • • Saying NO
    • • Saying YES to help and support
    • • Strategies for relationship changes.
    • • Mental health resources
    • • Financial considerations
    • • Physical & emotional expectations
    • • Delegation and re framing of chores
    • • Social Expectations
    • • Self care practices
    • • Fears/needs
    • • Setting up support systems/The importance of Community.

After our call I’ll send you an email, with the points we covered in our chat and a few special extras;
• Boundary setting pdf
• Food for thought pdf
• Fridge list of practical help for visitors pdf
• A follow up email in your “due” week to check in.

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