Single Mama Hug

SKYPE/Zoom 1:1 call – 1 hour $45

When I first started writing this service I had written “we’re all in this together”, and while we may be trying to manage single motherhood at the same time, we’re not actually doing it together. Funnily enough that’s precisely what we need. To be in the trenches together, to be managing households with each other and to share the responsibilities and the parenting load together, because 1 parent (hell, even 2 parents) does not make a village. So, while we can’t always be together to ease the pressure, sometimes to know you have someone to just listen, to share your grief, overwhelm and talk about being at your limit is a great help.

Maybe you don't know which way to turn as you try to accommodate everyone’s needs while you get pushed to the back of the line. Maybe you’re trying to manage new relationships or changed ones and balance all the plates and make a great life for you and your children. Yet you still feel something missing. Maybe you need to cry and howl and speak to how difficult it is and that today you don't want to do it anymore. Alternatively, perhaps you need to share your wins and be celebrated for all that you are. maybe you need to be reminded at just how much you accomplish and how successful you are. No matter your needs they are real and valid and I'm here for it all.

I want you to take an hour just for yourself. This call is not an opportunity for me to tell you all the ways in which you should be practicing self-care (although caring for yourself is vital) there is no structure or expectation that you need to adhere to. Just come as you are and lets chat, cry and laugh together.

I’ll send you an email after our chat with the points we discuss any resources I have for you and will check in on you the following week to see how you are.

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