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Online Support

I contacted Sara for breastfeeding support when I was nearing the end of my tether. I had a brand new baby and was desperately trying to feed her with little success. We had latching issues and a lazy baby so it wasn't working as easily as I thought it should. I felt an immense amount of pressure to "just keep going" from my lactation consultant without giving me much direction or support - I just felt like a number. I contacted Sara via video chat due to distance and C0vid (another stress we didn't need) and she was absolutely more than happy to work around my schedule and what I needed. She listened to my concerns and offered honest and informative support and made me feel in control with my decisions. She offered suggestions to ease my breastfeeding attempts but also reminded me to look after me too! Her support and guidance was invaluable. Anyone who has the pleasure of working with Sara will be better for it. 

Sara Kathryn Wild Love Elements 0

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Post Partum Support

Having doula was not a luxury or a need. It's a necessity. Hiring Sara as our post partum doula was THE BEST decision we made with the arrival of our little girl. We welcomed our baby girl in the tie of C0vid where no friends or family were able to visit in the first weeks of her life.  Sara provided emotional and nurturing support that allowed me to focus just on caring and bonding with my baby. Due to Sara's amazing food, kind words encouragement endless support at anytime of the day and listening with her whole heart she gave our family the best start in life. Her employment to us was priceless. 

I have spoken to many new mums in my travels now and they are reluctant to hire help or support when a new baby arrives. The most common reason is that it feels 'wrong ' or 'shameful' to ask for outside help - as if it is stating you cant cope with your baby. I cant ell you know that it TOTALLY WRONG. We are not meant to raise our babies all on our own. That just provokes depression, anxiety and stress. Hire Sara, just do it - get over the stale stigma of asking and accepting help. You will be actively clearing a special time for you and your new baby. Giving you the time t make the best foundation to grow together. "The heart is extremely fertile soil. Whatever is planted there, good or bad it will take root and grow" (Abdul Jangda).

There are not enough start to give Sara for her nurturing support she gave to our family. I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend her to be your doula. 

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